Keeping It Clean in South Bend, Indiana

Keeping It Clean in South Bend, Indiana

South Bend, Indiana, is a lovely mid-sized midwestern city best known for the University of Notre Dame and a former mayor currently the U.S. Secretary of Transportation. But for Beaver Bins, it’s a city we love to serve and help keep clean.

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Named for our location on the Southern bend of the St. Joseph’s river in Northern Indiana, we’re just across the border from Michigan and equidistant to Illinois and Ohio. Chicago is just a couple of hours away!

Another interesting note: we sit comfortably on the line of the North and South continental divide. Like the rest of Indiana, we experience all four seasons in the midwest.


Our city is full of exciting stories from the modern day back to its founding. We obviously can’t include them all, but here are a few interesting historical anecdotes.

Due to its seemingly infinite supply of food and natural resources even before it was a city, S.B. attracted people who wanted to make it home. Some of the first inhabitants were members of the Native American Miami tribe. They were followed by the Potawatomi, French Explorers, missionaries, and traders.

The first permanent white settlements were by furriers in 1820, specifically the American Fur Company (an enemy to Beavers). By 1829, the town got its first post office and original name Southold, Allen County, Indiana.

In 1842, Indiana’s history changed when the University of Notre Dame was founded by Father Edward Sorin just north of town. It was a significant economic force and is currently the second largest employer in the city, after only Beacon Health System.

In the 1850s, once the locomotive age reached our river shore, shifting the commerce away from it. Soon industries went to manufacturing, and Studebaker opened what was then a wagon factory. The Singer Sewing Company and the Oliver Chilled Plow Company soon set up manufacturing here as well.

SB vs the KKK

Always an inclusive city, South Bend has the historical bona fides to prove it. In 1924 when the Ku Klux Klan held a conference and tried to plan a parade here, Notre Dame students were outraged and stormed their local headquarters, fighting and unmasking the Klan members who’d been trying to direct traffic.

Guess Who’s Called South Bend Home

Today, we’re probably best known as the town where Pete Buttigieg was mayor from 2012 to 2020. But he’s not the only modern famous person who has called our city home.

Numerous actors, including Vivica A Fox, Dean Norris (Hank on Breaking Bad), and Isiah Whitlock Jr. (Da 5 Bloods, Cedar Rapids), are some of the talented celebrities born here.

Things to Do in South Bend

South Bend is a thriving and diverse city with something to love for everyone. Whether you’re a history buff, a foodie, or a music lover, you’ll find something to make you happy.


Home to many festivals that celebrate music and culture, including Reggae, Country, and Contemporary Christian music, S.B. is probably most famous for our Dyngus Day celebration.

Dyngus Day celebrates Polish culture and the large Polish population. S.B. hosts one of the largest Dyngus Day celebrations in the country. Festivities include plenty of Polish food, such as sausage, potatoes, and cabbage, along with games and drinking.


Many museums celebrate the art and history of the region. For example, the Studebaker National Museum shows off 150 years of Studebaker vehicles, including the presidential carriages of Lincoln, McKinley, Harrison, and Grant. Next door is the former home of Clem Studebaker, which is now an excellent restaurant called Tippecanoe Place.

Other museums include The History Museum (the public name of the Northern Indiana Historical Society), The Indiana University Civil Rights Heritage Center, and several art museums.

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South Bend is home to the Fighting Irish, several professional sports teams, including soccer, minor league baseball, and even the Studebakers, a roller derby team.

The Potawatomi Zoo

The Potawatomi Zoo, a 23-acre zoological park named after some of the area’s original Native American inhabitants, is the second largest zoo in Indiana and helped contribute to the conservation of many species. Currently, it’s home to (among many other inhabitants) a rare white rhino named Masamba.

Whether you’re here for a visit, new to the city, or were born and raised here, South Bend is a place with something for everyone. We’re glad to be able to serve the residents and businesses in the area.