With the start of 2023 comes new beginnings: Resolutions, life changes, and repurposing of spaces. And Beavers Bins wants to help you to get a clean slate in Elkhart. Sometimes doing that physically is a great way to do it mentally too!

So if you have a space you want to make some use of but it’s too full right now to do so, we encourage you to reach out to us for our junk removal services. Time to stop letting that full shop, apartment, or other space intimidate you and start the new year off with a clean slate.

Who Needs Junk Removal?hauling out the junk in Elkhart, Indiana

While renting a dumpster is a great way to quickly get rid of a lot of junk, especially if you’re doing construction or sifting through a lot of your own or a deceased loved one’s possessions, sometimes you don’t have the time to do it yourself.

There are several reasons you might not want to take your time to put your hand on every item on its way out the door. Here are some of the most common users of junk removal services.


Just as there are good and bad landlords, there are good and bad tenants. Of course, we hope you’ve only experienced the best of both, but if you are a landlord who rents more than one property, unfortunately, there’s a decent chance that you’ll get a not-so-good tenant one day.

As a landlord, you aim to provide housing for your tenants and make a profit. So when a tenant leaves, you want to turn over the property quickly. If the previous tenants left a big mess, that could be difficult.

Unless you have a full-time super, you will need some help to get the new space ready for your next, hopefully, cleaner renters! First, we haul out the junk so you can clean it up and make it presentable.

New Businesses with Old Buildings

Buying a storefront or other physical space for your business is a big step. Sometimes getting a deal means taking an area that isn’t empty. You may be able to reuse some items if it’s the same type of business that used the space, but the rest will need to go.

If you want to bypass the trouble of sifting through each item, or you need to start renovating fast, junk removal is an excellent service to get you moved in quicker.

Foreclosurestrashed house in Elkhart, Indiana

Foreclosures are a sad fact in housing. And foreclosed homes are often full of the previous homeowners’ possessions. So removing it can be formidable, sad, and possibly even dangerous.

Let us help you clear the space so the home can be ready for new buyers.

Anyone Who Needs to Free Up Time and Space

While junk removal is most common in commercial situations, there’s no reason you can’t use it for your personal property too. There are many reasons you use the help.

You may have inherited a piece of property that’s full of junk. Perhaps a flood-damaged storage space, and you know it’s all trash now. Or maybe you just don’t have the time or inclination to go through a room packed to the ceiling with boxes that may or may not have something of value.

We get it! Whatever your reason for wanting us to haul off your junk, we can do it so you can get back to your life.

When Should You Remove Junk Yourself?

Junk Removal isn’t appropriate for every situation. When you want to take the time to review items because some have monetary or sentimental value, adding our removal services is not your best bet.

In those situations, you should carefully sort items yourself. Then, you can keep what you want, sell or donate what’s in good condition, and rent a dumpster to throw the rest away. Alternatively, once you’ve removed everything you want to keep, sell, or give away, you can call us to remove the rest.

What Does Junk Removal Include?

When you call Beaver Bins for junk removal, we will go through your space, take everything out of it, and then haul it away as part of the service. What we won’t do is offer any judgment or commentary. We know life gets messy!

Let’s Haul Out the Old for the New Year!

2023 is here, so if there’s anything you wanted to get rid of in 2022, you need to catch up. But worry not because the Beavers are here with dam-fine junk removal and bin services for you!