At Beaver Bins, our job is to make your life easier. Whether you’re remodeling your house, decluttering, or dealing with an inheritance, you’ll produce a lot of trash, and trips to the dump will slow you down. But just because you rented a dumpster doesn’t mean you can put everything in it. The point of a dumpster rental is to save time, but some items don’t belong there. The main reasons not to allow things in a dumpster are safety and environmental concerns or damage to the dumpster itself. Luckily, there isn’t a lot you can’t throw away, but today we’ll share the 10 Things not to put in a dumpster to have a safe dumpster experience in NIles.

Fuels and Oils

You can put kerosene, gasoline, propane, or other fuel in the dumpster. Likewise, oils, including food oils, should be left out of the dumpster. You probably don’t need us to spell out why. Anything highly flammable is potentially dangerous to those who handle our dumpster and those who work at the dump sites. Likewise, most oils are also bad for the environment and, if not correctly disposed of, will leach into the surrounding environment, polluting it.


Similar to fuels and oils, batteries are a dumpster no-no. Not only can batteries explode in some circumstances endangering those around them, but the same matter that allows batteries to power your devices are highly toxic when released. That’s why there are special centers for battery disposal. Large old batteries stacked up to be gotten rid of in Niles, MI


It’s not hard for you to imagine why we might not want poison mixed in with the other materials we remove! Not only can poison kill animals and harm our workers, but it can be detrimental to the environment. Besides anything with a skull and crossbones, we consider herbicides, insecticides, and pesticides poisonous. Look at your local regulations for how to dispose of these products safely.


Dirt is everywhere, so we’re not saying you can’t get a grain of it into the dumpster. But throwing away large amounts of soil is not allowed. So instead, we allow up to one cubic yard of dirt, rock, concrete or heavy material. There’s more than one reason for this item exclusion. Firstly, dirt adds weight quickly, and too much will make transport difficult. Secondly, soil can hold many toxic materials that we exclude for environmental or safety reasons. Talk to us first if you have a large amount of dirt to dispose of.


While a large portion of what goes into our dumpster rentals is discarded construction material, that does not include asbestos. While no longer allowed in modern construction, asbestos was a common insulating material one hundred years ago. In its solid state, it’s not dangerous, but when it’s breathed in, it can cause lung cancer. Naturally, a dump or anywhere where asbestos might be broken or disturbed is the wrong place for it.

Propane Tanks

Propane tanks, even empty ones, must be handled carefully and are inappropriate for your dumpster rental. That’s because even an undetectable amount of propane can cause a fire.  Filled dumpster outside of gate in front of home in Niles, MI


You can’t put tires in a dumpster, and not just because you should recycle them. The empty space in a tire can expel gas and cause it to float up a dump displacing other trash as it rises to the top. Interesting huh?

Refrigerators & Other Appliances with Freon

Freon is a highly toxic chemical. Inhaling freon can cause lung damage, brain damage, or even death. So it shouldn’t be a surprise that you can’t throw in any appliance with this chemical with the rest of your trash.

Electronics and Office Equipment

Computers, laptops, televisions, mice, and other high-tech equipment have specific places to dispose of them. Many electronics stores and computer companies will recycle them for you. However, putting them with other trash can cause pollution to reach out. Similarly, phones (cell, home, or office), fax machines, and printers should not be placed in your dumpster rental.

No Hazardous Materials in Your Dumpster Rental

There is a lot more that you can put in a dumpster than you can’t, but we do have to list some common things you shouldn’t place in your dumpster rental. Be sure to avoid any hazardous material and check with your local regulations if you have any questions about if something is appropriate for your dumpster. If you have any questions, Beaver Bins will answer them for you!