On the list of most stressful events in a person’s life, you’ll find many of the usual suspects: a death in the family, divorce, and losing a job, for example. There are also several more positive events that still require an adjustment period, like getting married or having a child. But you may be surprised also to find the subject of today’s blog: remodeling your home.

With all the stress that remodeling brings, a dumpster rental is a welcome tool that, while not a magic bullet, does take some of the pressure off of you. So why does remodeling stress people out so much, and how can a dumpster help? Today Beaver Bins will give you the cliff notes on planning for a remodel in Indiana.

Home Remodel – Why Is It So Stressful?

Home remodeling is the perfect storm of everything stressful coming together. You have to make many big decisions that involve unknowns, budget, and your future. And you may disagree with your loved ones about the right way to go on all those decisions.

Most of all, for all our sophistication, we’re animals, and our animal instincts kick in when the place that is supposed to keep us safe is in disarray or open to the elements. We know that a hole in our home makes us vulnerable!

To top that off, we have to change the way we do things. For example, if you’re used to brushing your teeth in the master bathroom, but the water is turned off in there, and now you have to go downstairs to do it, that causes some stress. You also lose the comfort of your daily routine.

If you’re down a bathroom, that may lead to conflict with your also-stressed family members! And we haven’t even addressed the possibility of having strangers in your home or getting less rest. So it’s easy to see why home remodeling is a stressful experience.

Partly remodeled room in a home

How Can Dumpster Rental Help?

You’d be surprised how much trash construction creates. Part of construction is de-construction, which involves a lot of removal of what used to be there. So where does all the trash go?

You won’t have room for all the trash from remodeling in the space for your regular trash pickup, which leaves you with a dilemma.

Drive to the Dump or Stage and Store?

Without renting a dumpster, you either have to make multiple trips to the dump or store the trash in your home, taking it out bit by bit over weeks or months.

If you store the trash in your home, that’s more space in your already altered home that’s unusable. Additionally, local regulations may not allow you to put out construction trash with your regular trash pickup. So you will have to dispose of some of it at the dump.

Taking the trash to the dump will require multiple trips. You’ll spend money on gas and lose valuable time from your day. You also may damage your car with sharp construction materials, and it will undoubtedly dirty it.

Renting a Dumpster Simplifies

Dumpster rental removes the extra steps of trash storage or dump trips. Instead, you have a dumpster on the property where you can quickly put all of your construction debris. And when your project is done, Beaver Bins hauls it away.

It’s that simple!

Get the Most from Your Dumpster

Of course, even easy things can benefit from a bit of planning. So here are a few recommendations to get the most from your dumpster.

Think About Where to Put It

Depending on the size and shape of your property, you may not have a lot of choices about where to locate your dumpster. But if you do, take some time to think about what will make your life most manageable. Ask Beaver Bins to park your dumpster somewhere near the construction but also plan to give yourself room to maneuver around while carrying construction material.

dumpster full of construction materials

Dump Carefully

Depending on the size of your project and the size of your dumpster rental, you may need to plan carefully. Of course, the larger the dumpster, the more space you have, but to ensure you have enough room for all your trash, here are best practices:

Put large items in first
Plan in layers, bottom to top
Fill from one side to the other

Let’s Make One Part of Your Remodel Easy! We can’t completely eliminate the stress of remodeling your home, but we can make it a little easier with a dumpster rental. Just call us before your project begins and tell us where you want and for how long! Then, we’ll walk you through everything else!