Spring Cleaning

It’s Spring, baby, and Summer isn’t far behind. That means people are moving out, moving in, and hopefully, you’ll be fitting in a trip to the beach or someone less hot if you like. With all that coming, now that we’re halfway through the season, if you haven’t started your Spring cleaning yet, let’s get on it!

Naturally, Beaver Bins can help you with the cleaning itself, but we have some tips for decluttering your Elkhart home that will help make it go much smoother for you. Naturally, we recommend renting a dumpster from your friendly neighborhood Beavers, but there’s much to do in the leadup to it. So let’s get started!

Decluttering Is Not for the Faint of Heart!

In recent years, decluttering has become downright trendy. Marie Kondo got a successful book and TV career talking about it! But today, even she admits that when life gets busy, her methods aren’t sustainable long-term.

That’s not encouraging for the rest of us!

Why Is Decluttering So Hard?Spring flowers to symbolize Spring cleaning

Going through your old stuff is taxing, not only mentally and physically but emotionally too. Setting yourself up with a system that works for you helps in the process. Part of that might be thinking about the fun you’ll have with your new space instead of thinking about what you’re giving up.

Remember, the things you don’t keep once served you well. Now many of them can benefit someone else!

Pick Your Purpose

Establish the why of your organization. This is relatively simple, but it can trip up the best of

For example, if your goal is to make some money, spending more time deciding what you’ll sell and what you’ll give away makes sense. But if your goal is to empty your house (or room, or closet, etc.) as quickly as possible, you may not want to spend much time haggling on Facebook or Craigslist!

With your goal in mind, let’s set up your method!

Set Up Your Staging Areas

Now we get into the nitty-gritty, the physical work of actually decluttering. We first recommend setting up staging areas for the stuff you’re sorting. Be realistic about the space it will take.

If you’re going through a whole home, your staging areas may be entire rooms. If it’s a single room, you can potentially create a different zone within it. Depending on your goals, your general four categories will be: keep, give away, sell, and toss.


The keep pile may be less straightforward than it seems. Besides the sentimentality we place on many of our belongings, you may have family members who have different feelings about the stuff that you do. So be sure to set expectations ahead of time.

Tell any family members that if they want to keep something, they need to let you know beforehand and give them a deadline for when to remove it from your space. Be clear about timelines to avoid hurt feelings.

Give Away

Now we get to what you won’t keep. Many deserving nonprofits and charities in Indiana can use your gently used items. Some will even pick up larger items directly from your home.

You can also give away your items directly through social media.


If some of your items are in good condition and worth something, you may decide it’s worth your time selling them. But, again, there are multiple ways to do this.

If you have a large amount of stuff to sell, you may partner with an auction services company.
They will take a cut of the profits but will work to get the best prices possible and save you time. Otherwise, if you have only a few items and time to deal with the selling, try eBay,
Facebook, Craigslist, or a yard sale!

TossYard Full of Junk

Beaver Bins comes to the rescue when you get to the throw-away portion of your decluttering!
Obviously, if you’re only cleaning out a closet, you won’t need a dumpster rental. But if you have a room or an entire home to sort, a dumpster rental is a necessity!

Remember to place your dumpster conveniently so you don’t need to walk far. Also, try to rent as you begin your sorting process so the dumpster can be your staging area!

Dumpster Rental for Spring Cleaning and Decluttering

Spring cleaning can be daunting, so don’t make it any more complicated than it has to be! Instead, get help from Beaver Bins for your decluttering project. We’ll bring out dam fine bin service to you!