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Cassopolis, Michigan, sits inside Cass County and has a lot of rich history to unpack and explore. It is the county seat and was one of the stops on the Underground Railroad, providing shelter to those who were escaping slavery. The first settlers were a single family that arrived in 1825, and others began to follow suit and settle down in the area. The county was organized in 1829, and in those short years, the population expanded to around 900 people! Cassopolis started as 80 acres of land that was purchased near Diamond Lake – buildings for government purposes were built, and eventually, it grew over time to become what we know today.

However, as interesting as the history is, there are also some interesting things to do while you’re here, and the weather changes are quite a sight. The town sits on the southern Michigan border, with cold winters and pleasant summers, allowing you to enjoy the seasons all year. Beautiful apple-picking orchards, miniature golf courses, quality restaurants, and bowling alleys keep this area fun and inviting to all ages. We’re happy to branch out of our upper Indiana locations to provide these services for the lovely residents of Cassopolis; we look forward to assisting you!

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  • Everyone on our team is expected to have the same professionalism and customer service level.
  • Our company team has a reliable background in landscaping, giving us quality insight into the importance of curb appeal and taking care of your property.
  • Our customers deserve the chance to utilize our speedy service without worrying about throwing away the quality of work.

Dumpster Rentals

You may not think you’d be in a position to need dumpster rentals on your property until the time comes, and then you’ll need to decide what’s best for you. Both residential and commercial properties can benefit greatly from this service, especially if you know you have too much junk and trash to get rid of by yourself. For example, if you have collected large pieces of trash from old furniture, garbage, lawn debris, or electronics, you need a safe place to put them until you’re ready to get rid of them. These rentals also come in handy when you have too much junk to take away in a single trip. Our dumpsters are always clean, dependable, and in great condition to hold your unwanted trash to be hauled away!

Junk removal

Junk removal can bring to mind many images of trash, junk, and stuff sitting around your home, and none of them are pleasant. Junk can be made up of various things, from old mattresses to extra household trash, vehicle tires to carpets you’ve ripped up during home renovations. Junk can also be collected at a place of business, and the junk can’t sit for long periods either. However, you may not have the time to bring it all to the dump or the ability to lift all of the heavy pieces into a vehicle to take them away. So instead, you can give our team a call, schedule a convenient pickup time, and we’ll come to rid your property of the mess permanently!

Beaver’s Bins offers direct dumpster rentals and junk removal in Cassopolis, Michigan. Every customer in this area should benefit from our ease, convenience, and speedy service. Everyone in our company is trained to always be professional and believes integrity is crucial to the success of a business!

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