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The area of Elkhart started as a prairie that settlers found their way to around 1829, and by the next year, Elkhart county was officially established. The area was founded by immigrants from New England, who were the primary settlers for the first few decades of its new history. Eventually, Irish and German migrants made their way to the area after stopping in other areas of the Midwest. As a result, the area sparks major historical interest yet remains just as humble a place today as it was back then.

There is a lot to do if you find yourself here – or for those who already call this place home. There are multiple options for people who love nature and being amongst its beauty of it. You can visit the stunning Quilt Gardens, snap beautiful photos at Linton’s Enchanted Garden, or stroll through the lovely Wellfield Botanical Gardens. The Lerner Theater is beautiful, and there are plenty of historical sites to see. The summers are quite nice, and the winter is filled with snow and ice. This county of northern Indiana is a great place to work and makes life easier for every resident who lives

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What makes this team a leader in our services?

  • We also have a background in landscape work, so we understand the importance of curb appeal and taking care of your property.
  • Our team is able to provide everyone with speedy service without sacrificing quality.
  • We have a positive reputation for providing kind and professional customer service in every job we do.

What can Beavers Bins offer Elkhart?

Dumpster Rentals

Garage cleanouts, home remodeling, decluttering, new furniture, and landscape work – all have one thing in common. They all end in junk or trash that needs to be removed as soon as possible. Unfortunately, most people don’t have the means to get rid of all of it at once, and taking multiple trips to the dump isn’t easy. Our dumpster rental services are quick and easy for everyone, providing you with adequate space to fit all the old stuff that needs to be removed from your property. Fewer trips, less time wasted, and less work for you mean a smoother process all around!

Junk Removal

Junk can build up anywhere around your home, inside and out, and be made up of almost anything – and before you know it, you have a bigger problem. There’s too much stuff cluttering your property and too little time or ability to deal with it by yourself! Of course, you shouldn’t feel overwhelmed by your own home, but in today’s age, you can’t always get to every chore you want to. That’s where hiring professionals comes into play! Our team offers speedy, seamless junk removal services that benefit you with no catch. First, you schedule a time for pickup; then, we take those old mattresses, electronics, lawn debris, and other clutter away, so you don’t have to see it again!

Beavers Bins offers useful dumpster rentals and junk removal in Elkhart, Indiana. We provide everyone an equal opportunity of convenience and quality, so they don’t have to worry. Our team is professional, well-trained, and holds the importance of integrity close to them.

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