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There is a lot of unique history about St. Joseph – everything that happened leading up to the area we know and take pride in today. The first settlers established the fort of St. Joseph, but it was made an official organized town on April 1st, 1830, and was named after the beautiful river that runs through that area. Thirteen townships reside within the county, and the first prominent settlers were fur traders that migrated from New Jersey. Plenty of fascinating historical facts make this place so great, but nowadays, there are also many places to enjoy time with family and friends – or on your own.

You can enjoy a new film at the Riviera Theater with family, visit Bylar’s Farmers Market to support local businesses, or dive deeper into history at The Heritage Museum & Cultural Center. There are also many places to breathe fresh air in and relax in the beauty of nature. Lake Wobegon Trail or Corey Lake Orchards are great, and there are quaint shops and eateries to help keep you busy. Regardless of your interests or speed, you’re bound to find something to enjoy; we know the residents here are truly lucky to have a place like this to call home. We’re ready and excited to help keep that home looking good and a smile on your face!

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Why choose Busy Lil Beavers for lawn maintenance and landscape needs?

  • We all believe in providing the absolute best in the customer service department so you feel included in the entire process and know what’s happening the whole time.
  • Commercial and residential properties benefit greatly from every service we offer, and their properties continue to flourish and grow.
  • We offer a beneficial list of lawn maintenance and landscaping services, wielding high-quality results for every customer.


What can Busy Lil Beavers do for you?

  • Lawn Maintenance – different jobs that work together to keep your lawn groomed and attractive, like pruning, mowing, edging, and weed control.
  • Landscaping Installs/Maintenance – adding new or improved landscaping to your property with flower beds, grass, and hard surfaces and maintaining them.
  • Seasonal Cleanups – we remove any lawn debris that clutters up your outdoor space and will eventually cause damage to your landscape and the greenery growing on it.
  • Irrigation – installing a new irrigation system in areas that will benefit the most, programmed and designed to keep your foliage healthy and growing steadily.
  • Lawn Care – the care of your lawn inside and out so it continues to grow as it should, with routine fertilizing, dethatching, aeration, and overseeding the lawn.
  • Sod Installation – removal of the old, dying grass, then prepping the soil for installation and finishing with new, healthy, mature grass that will take root and grow.

What are the benefits of great lawn maintenance or landscaping?

  • It’s a wonderful, natural way to boost the value of your home for future, easier sales
  • The grass, trees, plants, and hardscaping’s lifespan will be much longer and hardier
  • Your mood and physical health will improve with a better outdoor environment
  • You’re less likely to spend excess time and money on repairs in the future
  • The curb appeal of your property will change for the better, looking more attractive to all
  • You’ll want to spend more time outside and enjoy every area of your property


Are you tired of the way your lawn looks? Looking for help taking care of it? Give our highly dedicated team a call today, and we’ll get busy making those goals come true!

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